To the zoo (again!)

A few weeks ago I posted about the meerkats at the Melbourne Zoo (see here). It won’t surprise you to hear that when we visited the meerkats we also visited a number of other animals. This animal photography is hard work! I still have some practice to do but I am sure we have many more trips to the zoo in-store in the next few years (and maybe another batch of photos next week).


_MG_2375 _MG_2376 _MG_2388 _MG_2395 _MG_2410 _MG_2412 _MG_2413 _MG_2441 _MG_2446


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We have a membership to the Melbourne zoo and I can categorically say that it is worth the money. Like many (most?) kids Mae has a short attention span, and still needs a midday nap, so a 2 hour visit on a frequent basis works well for us.

Mae has a few favorites at the zoo including the zebras and the giraffes. But we also share a common love – the meerkat. Such a social, cooperative species. I love it! I especially adore the guard on the look out (and he/she makes for a great photo…).

Mae and I do disagree about one thing though, she adamantly believes that meerkats say “meow”!

meerkat 7 meerkat 6 meerkat 5 meerkat 4 meerkat 3 meerkat 2 meerkat 1


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Space invaders – Paris

If you are from Melbourne you may have read about the street art in Paris in the paper over the weekend. It said that there are over 1000 space invader mosaics on the walls of Paris. Wow! We saw many but I doubt it came anywhere near 1000… here is a selection of them.

Very cool!

This is a follow on from last weeks post on the street art of Paris which you can see here.

_MG_0306 _MG_0315 _MG_0367 _MG_0403 _MG_0410

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Street art – Paris style

The metro in Paris is not really made for prams. There are a lot of stairs and very few lifts. This meant we spent hours and hours wandering through the streets of Paris in May. A great benefit of this was that we managed to stumble across heaps of great street art. So much so that I think this post will come in two parts.

What do you think? Pretty impressive and funny?

_MG_0332 _MG_0333 _MG_0406 _MG_0407_MG_0352_MG_0363 _MG_0356 _MG_0353

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Ah – Paris

Paris affords so many amazing photo opportunities.

From the gorgeous cafes, to the crazy street art (there will be another post on that), to the icons of Paris – every where you go, you can find an opportunity to snap.

I absolutely loved visiting Paris in May. It is one of those cities that you can visit again, and again, and again.

tulips eiffel tower Eiffel tower metro sacre cour georges pompidou louvre musee d'Orsay coffee cafe eiffel tower eiffel tower

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Sunshine in the backyard

This afternoon we spent the afternoon eating and drinking in the sunshine in our friend’s backyard. It was fabulous. I want to enjoy every sunny day before winter comes.  I couldn’t help but poke around the backyard and snap a few photos of their great plant life. I hope that we have a few more of these great days before winter comes.


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