Resin jewellery

I am in love with resin jewellery.

I love big chunky rings and bracelets and the look and feel of resin is just so appealing.







A few years ago I bought myself a gift voucher for a resin jewellery making course and went along with a friend of mine. I was hooked. Dinosaur Designs watch out I was thinking to myself. Needless to say I am not taking on the large-scale resin jewellery makers of Australia but I am having fun tinkering away. This is definitely a course I would recommend you do if you want to start making your own jewellery.

It has been about a year since I made any resin jewellery and I was struggling a little to remember how to do it when I sat down this week to make some birthday presents. However, like riding a bike, it quickly came back to me. Its actually quite like your high school chemistry class. You measure out equal parts of bottle A and B, mix in some colouring, stir it altogether and bam – you have a bracelet, or ring or something. Unless you get something bad in there, or get your quantities wrong and then bam you have a big gooey mess that is so hard to clean. (Yes, I had a few of those while trying to remember how to do this!)

I use a product called “Bqueen” that is specifically designed for making jewellery at home. You can’t get a crystal clear resin with it, the base is quite yellow, but I like it as it is much harder to poison yourself (or your baby!) and is easy to work with. Like many of my projects, this one can be quite messy!

What you need…

  • resin ( I use Bqueen)
  • a mould
  • dyes in different colours
  • disposable plastic cups
  • paddle pop sticks or something to stir your resin with
  • disposable rubber gloves
  • sandpaper
  • sorbolene cream
  • a drop cloth









The how to… NB: this is an abbreviated version and may vary depending on the product you use so please check the directions of your chosen product (or take a course!)

1) Measure out parts of A and B. Add the dye/s to Part A to achieve the desired colour/design and then mix in Part B and stir until the resin is warm.









2) Pour into your mould and wait for it to set.









3)Once cooled and firm, gently release from the moulds.









4) Sand back your piece of jewellery until all edges are smooth and polish with sorbolene cream (or like).












5) Wear down the street, give as a gift, admire from afar… the choices are endless!












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